ArtBreak is accepting submissions for screenings at Federation Square in Melbourne.
Submissions open for ArtBreak at Federation Square on October 1st '05 and close on December 10th '05.

The ArtBreak website is online and accepting submissions!
Pet Shop Studio website will get an overhaul at some point soon.

Art Break is now showing at railway stations across Sydney with projection screens... Art Break website with full info up soon. Any inquiries or submissions, talk to us!

Pet Shop Studio will be having a new exhibition, "Bloody Mary" (by artist Ilza), between 31st of July and 14th of August. A preview website showing some of the works is available to view here.

Oz Graphix [4] is available now in newsagents. Pet Shop Studio is featured on pages 78 and 79. Merry Xmas and Happy New year!

24/11/03 - Special announcement
Pet Shop Studio will be having an exhibition, "Silk", between 29th of Nov and 13th of Dec. Preview Website viewable here.

Previous exhibitions:
Aux Oiseaux Morts Pour La France